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Millenial scumbags arent tipping    06/18/18  (27)
Trying to get wife pregnant. HELP ME (with advice, not cum).    06/18/18  (22)
Rate these girls (sfw)    06/18/18  (21)
RATE my SICK flow in this drunk bathroom selfie (pic)    06/18/18  (11)
rate this poast by a yoga shrew I once fucked re:illegals getting separated    06/18/18  (10)
A NYC is Det    06/18/18  (10)
***NORDIC SWEDE VIKINGS v. Clitdick beta Korea****    06/18/18  (10)
Korean team in disarray as team barber lost his bowl in Russia    06/18/18  (7)
I sincerely hope Harvard gets PWNED    06/18/18  (7)
Libs are unhinged open borders lunatics    06/18/18  (6)
FDR: CITIZENS to concentration camps NBD. Trump: Illegals separated? HITLER!    06/18/18  (6)
Daily Stoic, 6/18/18    06/18/18  (6)
should i buy property 40 min south of Portland Oregon?    06/18/18  (6)
what's south korea's biggest athletic accomplishment of all time?    06/18/18  (5)
Amazing how good looking SWE is and how UGLY KOREAN players are and feminine    06/18/18  (5)
this sweden south korea game is pretty good tbf    06/18/18  (5)
Morning! Streaming the match if u wanna swing by. Go south korea! haha.    06/18/18  (5)
Suns coming up in Manhattan! Go out and breathe some fresh air    06/18/18  (5)
1918: Pump gas into car 2018: Pump gas into car    06/18/18  (5)
trump tweet storm on immigration...pretty radical stuff    06/18/18  (4)
How is it legal for S.Korea to play 11 of the same guy?    06/18/18  (4)
Trump: Don't like it? Fix the immigration laws.    06/18/18  (4)
Let me get this straight: Obama separated kids for years and NOW libs are mad?    06/18/18  (4)
Rate this IQ breakdown from a 1960s right wing astrology tract    06/18/18  (4)
*cocaine* *Area 51 arcade game* *blacklight*    06/18/18  (4)
*enters Hangar 18* *nude luis and a Gray alien in standing 69*    06/18/18  (4)
Theres literally no point in keeping time anymore    06/18/18  (4)
NYUUG dribbling kimchi as SVEN drills the 14inch deep    06/18/18  (3)
nyuug twinks spreading their ass cheeks rn    06/18/18  (3)
Creampie Cathy has died    06/18/18  (3)
Park to Park back to Park on to Lee over to Lee back to Park    06/18/18  (3)
Luis just kept failing up. hardly ever even tried to work. still got hot wife    06/18/18  (3)
METAL UP YOUR ASS do you like AGENT STEEL    06/18/18  (3)
Do rent a cops bother you more than actual cops?    06/18/18  (3)
TIME FOR A BOARD CLEANSE    06/18/18  (3)
Separated children at border = drowning polar bear    06/18/18  (2)
putting in a SNUS for XO SWEDEN    06/18/18  (2)
CHUNG+ coming off the bench for Korea    06/18/18  (2)
GOOOALLLLLL    06/18/18  (2)
Rate this liberal shrew's tweet attacking Trump's border policy    06/18/18  (2)
Son Heung Min: "smells like LUTEFISK in here"    06/18/18  (2)
Sweden's greatest cultural icon and soccer player is a taller version of Luis    06/18/18  (2)
LOL they just said one of the Korea players is currently doing his military serv    06/18/18  (2)
bboom did you know that baseball managers get paid million$    06/18/18  (2)
Tawnee Stone- essentially my ideal woman for the last two decades    06/18/18  (2)
Rooting for Korea to support nyuug so that he can have one victory in his life    06/18/18  (2)
Even The Daily Beast is against Trump on his child separation policy    06/18/18  (2)
wife just exorcist crab walked down the stairs in a nigeria NT jersey    06/18/18  (2)
Swedish captain is norwooding hard    06/18/18  (2)
insane that GOPe lost to Trump with 17 candidates in the bag    06/18/18  (2)