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Had to stop wife from indoctrinating my 7 yo daughter w/ uber-shitlib thoughts    05/25/17  (169)
Lmfao exit polls in UK are FRAUD. Tories running train on "Labour"    06/17/17  (123)
ITT: Slut tells    06/01/17  (117)
ITT: we list most egregious examples of pseudo-healthy garbage    06/05/17  (106)
MARRIEDMOS: how many of you have 180 marriages?    06/16/17  (102)
official autoadmit poll: poast your sat and lsat scores    05/30/17  (101)
Rate this prole Jew Mexican "destination wedding" (pics)    06/16/17  (94)
I got sucker punched at synagogue last night    06/08/17  (94)
Rate this cute teen surfer chick    06/01/17  (93)
Official Jeff Sessions Testimony Thread    06/13/17  (92)
FML, wife wants to spend 150k on a pool/patio    06/08/17  (92)
ITT we discuss are favorite porn stars!    06/15/17  (91)
How can women avoid pregnancy destroying their body? Dont say abortion u jokers    06/12/17  (89)
California's Tough Bar Exam, Long a Point of Pride, Faces Pushback    06/21/17  (88)
Answer this question from IQ exam    06/15/17  (84)
The Official 2017 xoxo race/ethnicity/gender survey    06/14/17  (72)
Warriors would beat the Dream Team in a 7 game series    06/07/17  (72)
why are Asians not good at creating companies"    06/16/17  (67)
Real talk: why did taxpayers allow the government to bail out banks in 2008    05/31/17  (67)
Calishitlaw Guru... biggest settlement to date    06/15/17  (66)
Why hasn't the economy recovered from the 2008 market crash?    06/10/17  (65)
Anyone here quit a legal career?    05/25/17  (65)
Otto bro tried to hang himself and failed    06/21/17  (63)
Okay so Paris agreement was really about buying carbon credits from shithole    06/02/17  (60)
If Trump really sells the Northwest power grid he is a faggot    06/20/17  (59)
Getting a decent job in California is difficult as fuck    06/21/17  (57)
ITS A TOUGH JOB MARKET: I just got dinged from a basic clerical position    06/17/17  (57)
Anyone here a nerd who resents "former nerds" who try to be un-nerdy?    06/20/17  (56)
Answer these 2 questions required for Management position    06/16/17  (56)
95 percent of Orange County cities are nicer than Pasadena    06/19/17  (55)
Dr David Duke destroys Ariana Grande    06/08/17  (54)
"The Smiths": Is there a faggier band in history?    05/25/17  (54)
So everyone is isolated & miserable now but we have better ethnic food options?    06/07/17  (53)
Anyone do the whole "lake house" scene? Water skiing by day and fucking at night    06/05/17  (50)
Very annoying how everyone is supposed to have a "story" or "narrative"    06/19/17  (49)
Damn. Wife can't have kids for 2+ years. Now I really want to knock her up.    06/14/17  (49)
Sister in law wants to move in    06/09/17  (49)
Hillary Duff looking hot as fuck in a tight dress (pic)    06/05/17  (49)
Partner reamed me for emailing a client. FML. :-(    06/01/17  (48)
The children of all these turd and chink strivers are going to be a disaster    06/16/17  (45)
When ur day crew AND night crew lol lmao    06/13/17  (45)
I thought I met my soulmate, but then I learned about her Eat-Pray-Love past.    06/03/17  (45)
Is Aziz Ansari attractive or ugly for an Indian dude?    05/25/17  (45)
First 20 posters will get 5 ETH each if USA beats Mexico today    06/12/17  (44)
LA TIMES: Even with rent control, 'I see myself as a future homeless senior'    06/11/17  (43)
Why does making a lot of money feel so empty    06/08/17  (43)
JGC vs 4Runner    06/07/17  (43)
Bro declines dating a girl his friend fucked, labeled a 'slut shaming fuckboy'    06/07/17  (42)
LJL @ this Mormon mommy blogger whose icloud got hacked jfc what a slut    06/23/17  (42)
Pitbull mauls 2 young children in the back of a minivan    06/22/17  (41)
Two black cops, one who's a married lesbian, saved the GOP congressmen today    06/20/17  (41)
PSA: If you think Comey "owned" his "personal" FBI memos, you have down syndrome    06/15/17  (41)
LeBron can never be the GOAT, he's too passive in crunch moments    06/08/17  (41)
What cool thing will women ruin next?    06/08/17  (41)
Official Resigns After Blaming Flint Water Crisis On N****rs Who Dont Pay Thei    06/07/17  (41)
They let a NIGGER RAPE APE on "The Bachelor" - rape ensues (link)    06/20/17  (40)
most ppl in their 20s and mid 30s in Bay Area live with roommates    06/12/17  (40)
"I'm in Penn's Facebook meme group. Harvard was right to rescind acceptances"    06/07/17  (40)
I meet a lot of mid 30s Americans traveling solo they seem so lonely and patheti    06/06/17  (40)
February California bar results: Santa Barbara 42%, Monterey 31%, Hastings 27%    06/01/17  (40)
Native Americans use every part of the Steel Reserve bottle    05/24/17  (40)
The New Yorker brilliantly destroys the alt-right using cartoons    06/09/17  (39)
Can someone link to a funny "MoreDoughHi" post?    06/21/17  (38)
Financially literate bros, I need your advice...    06/02/17  (38)
My friend has a carpet/upholstery cleaning business. Clears $500-$700 each day    06/01/17  (38)
suggest LLC names that would be impossible to google    06/02/17  (38)
Libs are really making a huge deal out of this portland stabbing shit    05/31/17  (36)
What's happening to our society? 2 young women.    05/25/17  (36)
5'3" Top 25 PGA golfer or 6'4" lawyer???    05/30/17  (35)
Buy the crappiest house in a nice neighborhood    05/24/17  (35)
White ppl who say Mexicans should go back to Mexico to help Mexico are dumb af    06/10/17  (34)
I really want to fuck my friends wife    05/29/17  (34)
The extension out to 30 years is brutal for PAYE bros, but ok for IBR bros    05/23/17  (34)
You can rent a sick seaside condo in Albania for $250 per month. Dinner is $2    06/06/17  (33)
Hot mormon MILF showing off her "baby bump" in swimsuit (pic)    05/29/17  (33)
Wife lost job and turned tables on former employer in the most 180 way    06/16/17  (32)
To give non blacks a chance, Tokyo 2020 track will be painted like a crosswalk    06/16/17  (32)
What's the most prestigious type of fraud? Wire fraud? Money laundering? Marriag    05/31/17  (32)
Gen X got absolutely desptroyed during the disaster of 2008    05/30/17  (32)
cr to quit banking and fly for af or navy?    05/28/17  (32)
Europa Universalis 4 with all DLC costs 932 dollars on steam    06/15/17  (32)
Anyone in their 30s and not jaded as hell?    06/15/17  (31)
The Libs Aren't Alright    06/15/17  (31)
Libs overplayed their hand again with comey    06/08/17  (31)
11th year real estate lawyer has a simple real property question    06/01/17  (31)
do you ever think about how weird autoadmit is. wtf are we doing here lol    05/29/17  (31)
Rate this Armenian chick from OC    06/08/17  (30)
Libs did the Patriots "hack" the Super Bowl?    06/05/17  (30)
Woman with Crohns has to shit off side of hot air balloon (video)    06/05/17  (30)
Strong performance of Jews in physics is proof of high IQ, not "cunning"    06/04/17  (30)
How many US troops would it take to kill everyone in Manhattan?    05/30/17  (30)
Working on a Sup Brady / Prior to joining the NFL "mash up"    06/04/17  (30)
has anyone here actually withdrawn 500k+ from one of these coinfraud sites?    05/25/17  (30)
So fucking weird to think that one day I just started existing    06/07/17  (28)
POLL: would u rent to hispanics?    06/02/17  (28)
How many steps do you walk per day? Your phone keeps track    05/25/17  (28)
Are most unmarried women past the age of 36 difficult to deal with?    06/19/17  (27)
Who's hyped for the BANCOR ICO IN 1 HOUR    06/12/17  (27)
Evan39 i have been in portland for 3 weeks and want to kill myself    06/09/17  (27)
We hit an alltime low in auto fatalities so GC put touch screens in every car    06/05/17  (27)
Litecoin going up and up..... BUY NOW!    06/19/17  (26)
I hate white guys who look and dress like this    06/08/17  (26)
Should I become an apartment complex manager? I'll get free housing    06/05/17  (26)
(To the tune of Chumbawumba) I SELL MY ETH, AND IT GOES UP AGAIN    06/21/17  (26)
Remodeled Home Office    05/29/17  (26)
1000% certain cryto-currencies will one day be illegal    05/25/17  (26)
Pamela Anderson literally looks 60y/o. LJL WHITE WOMEN    06/18/17  (25)
only 3 types of home styles are cr: Craftsman, Bungalow, Spanish    06/16/17  (25)
Harrison Barnes Crushes Biglaw Drone with Pinball Dreams    06/12/17  (25)
To the bat grave!    06/10/17  (25)
NHL Finals 2017, Pitt @ Nashville, Game 4    06/05/17  (25)
Went out with an Indian 5 yesterday and she asked for $400 PPM for a platonic ar    06/04/17  (25)
Can't believe I've wasted 3 years here. Shoot me with a cruise missile    06/10/17  (24)
Rate my new laminate flooring in my condo    06/12/17  (24)
On balance, 7.6 and 9.2 are in balance, as I understand it.    06/04/17  (24)
Why the fuck did Baby Boomers have to build big 2800+ sq ft homes all over?    05/28/17  (24)
Peterman's "lot boss" backhanding him after another mention of his "computer coi    06/10/17  (24)
PSA: learn linux and you can cop any chill 100k computer job    06/05/17  (24)
Damn so anyone can "host" hot high school girls from Europe like these? (video)    06/20/17  (23)
Those with good LSAT scores may be choosing to forgo law school, data indicates    06/13/17  (23)
Latina's needed for labor job in Laguna Beach. Pay rate: $50/hr    06/13/17  (23)
5.5 years ago I was playing Skyrim in a NYC studio hating biglaw life    06/13/17  (23)
Exposed brick. Industrial lighting. Reclaimed wood. Hoppy IPAs. Sysco truck    06/07/17  (23)
Can we trust reviews about Wonder Woman?    06/03/17  (23)
When they make Iraq war movies in 20 years the soundtrack will be Trapt, Hoobast    05/31/17  (23)
barbri torts day 180    05/25/17  (23)
Explain like I'm 32 why all teen girls wear cut off jean shorts showing buttchee    05/24/17  (23)
POLL: would u rent to someone convicted of money laundering?    05/24/17  (23)
"the Democratic brand had become toxic in much of the country"    06/22/17  (22)
OCI: beard or no-beard    06/21/17  (22)
Ok but real talk here bros spaceporn is so low-IQ hes borderline actual retard    06/19/17  (22)
If ossoff wins, bad sign for GOP in 2018, right?    06/15/17  (22)
how can property values rise yet wages have remained stagnant    06/14/17  (22)
Why didn't ppl sell their homes before getting foreclosed on?    06/11/17  (22)
Did Trump really steal money from his cancer charity?    06/06/17  (22)
Reminder: white women prefer black and Hispanic men    06/06/17  (22)
Are Indians generally the ugliest nationality?    06/02/17  (22)
POLL: will America have another 2008 market crash? If so when?    05/30/17  (22)
Real estate tip: vertical blinds are prole as fuck    05/26/17  (22)
DNC head tweets blames whites re: philando    06/16/17  (21)
Should i become a professional process server in Orange County?    06/15/17  (21)
Hipster makes app which sends him on so random kooky adventures    06/09/17  (21)
Can't believe chilmata and Kihote shared a hotel room bed    06/06/17  (21)
23andMe says I have more neanderthal DNA than 86% of people. Prestigious?    06/01/17  (21)
This CA bill will prohibit members of the CA State Bar to report illegals to ICE    05/29/17  (21)
Rate these girls (wives of Nato leaders)    05/26/17  (21)
best place to attend barbri lectures?    05/25/17  (21)
How long would Stephen Hawking survive alone on a deserted island?    06/17/17  (20)
Will people be able to use ETH smart contracts for sports betting?    06/13/17  (20)