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Doctor salaries = last great path to wealth    12/16/17  (109)
jcm drunkpoasting for first time in ~6 months. taking/giving ?s    12/16/17  (99)
WSJ pens lengthy screen re rootless cosmopolitans    12/15/17  (95)
Video: Trump judicial nominee unable to answer basic legal q's    12/15/17  (92)
Finished 2017 tax projections: netted $1.326 mil (CSLG)    12/16/17  (90)
Reminder: This tax bill is fucking awesome and the media is lying to you    12/15/17  (82)
What are the world's top 5 most prestigious ethnicities?    12/15/17  (76)
Have a serious health issue that is very depressing    12/16/17  (74)
PN got hit with a DUI :(((    12/16/17  (68)
POLL: rate your happiness right now    12/15/17  (62)
Trump to end work eligibility for H1B spouses    12/15/17  (59)
Has a single practicing doctor ever poasted here?    12/15/17  (56)
Trump district ct nominee doesn't know what a motion in limine is- video    12/15/17  (55)
PSA: taxplancalculator.com has been updated with the final bill    12/16/17  (47)
So XO prematurely shits on Star Wars, but its actually pretty good?    12/16/17  (43)
Tax bill passes Congress. Trump fires Mueller, demands concessions b4 signing.    12/15/17  (42)
My wife leaves our newborn at home while grocery shopping. I complained and she    12/16/17  (42)
New plan big law lawyers in NYC lose an average of 5k LOLOLLOLO    12/16/17  (37)
Guess ethnicities of 5 non-African men who broke the 10 second barrier    12/15/17  (35)
WOW STAR WARS SUCKED    12/15/17  (33)
Miss Iraq forced to flee Iraq because of instagram photo with Miss Israel    12/15/17  (33)
I stumbled on this site, a guy I'm dating posts on here    12/16/17  (32)
i wish my wife would come back to me and bring are kid back so badly :((((((((((    12/15/17  (32)
The crypto space is male dominated and that's a problem    12/15/17  (32)
Student claimed he tried to deliver paper to my closed office    12/15/17  (32)
Who is worse: Epah or Corporate Warrior?    12/16/17  (31)
The Hill: Lisa Bloom sought compensation to pay women to accuse Trump of assault    12/15/17  (31)
Corpmo nominated for DDC judgeship, hilarity ensues    12/16/17  (31)
Saw Last Jedi earlier today; it's starting to sink in    12/16/17  (30)
Kamala Harris UNGHHHHHHHH    12/15/17  (30)
Any adderall bros get chest pains?    12/15/17  (29)
lets be autists and rank queen songs    12/16/17  (28)
POLL: at what age did you peak in terms of looks?    12/16/17  (27)
Colt sitting by the fire taking questions and giving advice (!)    12/16/17  (27)
so tired of seeing jcm's gross sycophancy & shit threading    12/16/17  (27)
Ann "Shrew" Coulter getting MAF at parentmos getting tax credits    12/15/17  (25)
cock pic submissions are rolling in this morning. ty boyz <3    12/15/17  (25)
eastern europeans keep a CARP in their bath tubs for 1 week before christmas    12/16/17  (24)
Looked over my childhood coin collection tonight    12/15/17  (24)
Alt right replacing Red Light/Green Light in school with NIGGER AMBUSH/NIGGER HO    12/15/17  (24)
Office Christmas Luncheon today, bros. It's catered.    12/15/17  (24)
Ravens are more intelligent than blacks    12/16/17  (23)
Feels good to delete toxic people from your life    12/15/17  (22)
So no one cares that LV shooting security guard has been missing for months?    12/15/17  (22)
Cheapest individual health plan in NY is $415 per month    12/15/17  (22)
What are the current Bitcoin at $1000 real estate markets to buy in?    12/15/17  (22)
Dr. wyrm here, would you let me use you for a slime theory photo series?    12/16/17  (22)
dunkin_donuts tp please RANK the top five donuts at dunkin    12/16/17  (21)
There must be some kind of way out of here, said pepito to luis    12/16/17  (20)