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STICKY: New account requests   05/19/18  (208)
What should I do with a weekend in Boston? TYIA    05/22/18  (8)
Female coworker thinks Leo Dicaprio dates 20 year olds because hes intimitated    05/22/18  (63)
'Weird, odd, a dumpster fire': Trump's North Korea summit coin ridiculed    05/22/18  (18)
Ggtp, found a job for you    05/22/18  (3)
Fordham law prof: MS-13 only responsible for 0.3% of all US murders    05/22/18  (72)
Check in ITT if you want a woman who is 35 and will 'challenge' you.    05/22/18  (5)
where would a simulation tell be buried irl?    05/22/18  (49)
Rate this Instagram Model    05/22/18  (34)
XO: What's the deal with eggs    05/22/18  (6)
how'd they get away with this To Catch A Predator porn parody? (link)    05/22/18  (1)
Haha wow holy shit, just got MONKEY'S PAWED by a tinder chick lmao (DDC)    05/22/18  (106)
Love how applying sabermetrics leads to kooky baseball strategy    05/22/18  (31)
wife suspicious bros. she thinks ive been fucking around all day instead of work    05/22/18  (13)
Hillary Clinton to endorse Andrew Cuomo, snub first FEMALE NY Gov candidate    05/22/18  (8)
michael eric dyson is...    05/22/18  (4)
The Gangnam WGWAG Playboy Chronicles (V)    05/22/18  (57)
How to Piss off an atty when they brag about settling a case    05/22/18  (5)
Literally going through a future wife getting pumped and dumped meme IRL    05/22/18  (193)
Urbanbaby moms discuss COCK SIZE    05/22/18  (14)
35 yr old women married 2 dorks HATE 20 yr olds dating CHADS    05/22/18  (1)
NOWAGUG I am calling you out re RUSSIAN wife    05/22/18  (51)
today's zeitgeist set early--young girls v. shrews.    05/22/18  (1)
I'm quite liberal but    05/22/18  (1)
my dog bro kept fucking w two ducks and their ducklings and then drake    05/22/18  (27)
Read this shrew screed - "Marry the complicated girl"    05/22/18  (174)
mama birds scoop up air if you make them think an egg rolled away from nest    05/22/18  (3)
MS-13 is a secret BIGFED pay grade btw    05/22/18  (4)
SOCRATES | KANYE | SPACEPORN    05/22/18  (5)
Are libs seriously making the point that we shouldn't call MS-13 animals?    05/22/18  (15)
Most xo student high school cuckold story yet    05/22/18  (16)
Im an old and routinely date young girls - anything else is shrew flame    05/22/18  (114)
damn these bearded middle east cultists with bizarre dietary restrictions    05/22/18  (1)
Poast ITT if you wore a cape in hs, called yrself a "mathmagician"    05/22/18  (1)
Reminder: Seth Rich leaked DNC emails and Hillary had him killed    05/22/18  (17)
Are Spanish, Portuguese and Italian women considered "White?"    05/22/18  (4)
This southern milf sure tweets a lot of bikini pics of her teen daughters (link)    05/22/18  (75)
1700s u: "Look, no more of this Lobster dinner trash! I eat it 2x per week alrea    05/22/18  (1)
HS student gets in trouble for wearing hooded Mexican blanket poncho to school    05/22/18  (1)
Kanye West tweets about Century of the Self doc (link)    05/22/18  (43)
gio gonzalez share your in house interview tips plz    05/22/18  (6)
first African President of the U.S. tries to stage a coup    05/22/18  (1)
see, originally, it was only land-owners who could vote    05/22/18  (1)
When did "sports cars" become prole?    05/22/18  (6)
Twitter to limit visibility of tweets from people "behaving badly" (link)    05/22/18  (3)
Will you Bros give me real advice on buying a condo????    05/22/18  (44)
1 think i like aout Sopranos--bros just take a punch, and get right back to work    05/22/18  (1)
How much of a pain in the ass is it to change your own car battery?    05/22/18  (17)
Obeezy temporarily out of retirement to remind you shitcons hrc will win    05/22/18  (244)
(van Morrison voice) You're my. Blown out girl.    05/22/18  (84)
Parents take 30 year old son to court to EVICT him    05/22/18  (1)
Where were you when you first got your Trump NK Peace Talk coin?    05/22/18  (1)
live stream of that crazy Hawaiian volcano blowing the fuck up    05/22/18  (6)
"SOLE purpose to harass. it says SOLE purpose, judge!"    05/22/18  (7)
A vast flock of chickens marching toward you--every bird you ever ate, MAF    05/22/18  (8)
Reminder: libs invented "climate change" because they can't drive stick    05/22/18  (6)
Love when Trump tells u how important a story is by maniacally tweeting abt how    05/22/18  (5)
if multiverse god and infinite universe god fought, who would win?    05/22/18  (7)
Reminder: Sessions advocated to Trump that he pick Rosenstein to serve as DAG    05/22/18  (14)
People used to have glorious Zeus parties, holidays, gold glitter in the air,    05/22/18  (3)
FBI: "Someone says you're a Russian secret agent. Prove you're not"    05/22/18  (8)
"As an Old Money WASP..." *briefcase full of Dodge Ram Diesel parts falls open*    05/22/18  (38)
in house recruiter was FUMING when I passed on offer    05/22/18  (16)
It's entirely possible to fake being a doctor, just put on a white coat, say "hm    05/22/18  (8)
At the Galaxy game with Chandler. Just dipped out to buy him a pretzel (CSLG)    05/22/18  (4)
yeah even coffee would be good, i've probably been drinking too much anyway haha    05/22/18  (48)
if god forbid you ever find yourself on the battlefield, w guts spilling out    05/22/18  (3)
Meet the best plastic surgeon in the state of Georgia (video)    05/22/18  (4)
Taiping Rebellion, but based on IFNB, not Christianity    05/22/18  (4)
problem is most poasters can't REALLY afford to separate themselves from proles    05/22/18  (4)
Trump to offer Guam, Midway Atoll in exchange for DPRK nukes (link)    05/22/18  (1)
Charles needs a good poaster bro to help him practice kissing    05/22/18  (5)
Secretary told me my "Sanford and Son" ringtone was racist.    05/22/18  (11)
trading derivative sexual instruments    05/22/18  (3)
Let's slow down. I've been burned before. Dinners are still OK though ;)    05/22/18  (11)
THE CHAD MICRON HOLDER!!!    05/22/18  (1)
Damn Daddy's Titty Boi Revue    05/22/18  (3)
Lmao NYUUGs most recent thread is a treasure    05/22/18  (16)
Would it be possible to fake being a 1st year lawyer with no training?    05/22/18  (6)
Help! My 10 year old daughter is obsessed with the N-word    05/22/18  (12)
Things that are both prestigious and prole    05/22/18  (152)
I loved you before you were born, haha    05/22/18  (1)
why don't people use waterbeds anymore?    05/22/18  (7)
*nyuug vomits a little bulgogi onto the bed as Darnell pushes the 9th inch in*    05/22/18  (96)
Learned to waltz at a church dance tonight (CharlesXII)    05/22/18  (124)
Best, safest way to suppress appetite. Need to drop about 5% bf.    05/22/18  (58)
Darnell yanking at nyuug's bowlcut as he fucks his kimchee chute    05/22/18  (109)
"Welcome to my harem" thought nyuug as Darnell punctured his small intestine    05/22/18  (45)
path u didn't take involves u in living room right now playing w/ 2 huskies    05/22/18  (16)
Darnell: in ur ass? nyuug: well yeah ya DINKDONK    05/22/18  (40)
lol this opossum looks like she regrets having kids    05/22/18  (11)
lol at how long the pro basketball season is    05/22/18  (4)
"As a chill Old Money Manhattan WASP, I" *briefcase full of Jew stars falls open    05/22/18  (7)
Scaramucci: "Ayo, I ..." *briefcase full of gabagool and cannoli falls open*    05/22/18  (11)
*briefcase full of Pizza Hut young reader personal pan pizza coupons falls open*    05/22/18  (11)
"As an Old Money WASP..." *briefcase full of beef bulgogi pops open*    05/22/18  (14)
"As an old money WASP..." *briefcase full of MGTOW threads falls open*    05/22/18  (8)
Trumpmos doing touchdown dance after reaching 30 yard line    05/22/18  (1)
"As a plestigious ord money WASP I...*briefcase full of kimchi falls open*"    05/22/18  (9)
LJL @ the Moon. Lifeless dust ball that Just floats around earth    05/22/18  (20)
Boner polices cock quivering as I order the 3 piece dark meat meal    05/22/18  (2)
Teens react to rohypnol    05/22/18  (1)
Erik Prince alpha as FUCK at congress    05/22/18  (23)
Erik Prince | Israeli spies | Russian oligarchs | Seychelles    05/22/18  (2)
People is good. Hth.    05/22/18  (1)
Tekashhi 6ix9ine DESTROYS jewish jeweler (video)    05/22/18  (5)
Sam Hinkie on Invest Like the Best podcast    05/22/18  (1)
WSJ has a story today about customers getting banned for too many returns    05/22/18  (1)
Unhinged shitlibs publicly sharing stupid shit on social media    05/22/18  (1)
Be honest, would your wife leave you for nyuug?    05/22/18  (1)
I'm literally the only general legal practice shitlawyer on xo    05/22/18  (133)
Travelmos: anything to do in Ireland?    05/22/18  (31)
Are libs still pretending that Trump didn't make North Korea BEND THE KNEE?    05/22/18  (4)
nobody knew that health care could be so complicated    05/22/18  (1)
Daily Stoic, 5/22/18    05/22/18  (5)
Real talk: that piece of shit Erik Prince is getting indicted    05/22/18  (38)
Why are the quotemos always the most virulent pumos?    05/22/18  (2)
The BEST part about the crypto crash is short quotemo getting pwned    05/22/18  (140)
you said you were out of town but I can see you through your bedroom window haha    05/22/18  (38)
Hey jinx, rate lebrons 8 TURNOVERS TODAY    05/22/18  (9)
So has Trump gotten China to bend the knee on trade yet?    05/22/18  (7)
Terror Attack in France    05/22/18  (36)
i'm 46 and fuck dozens of gorgeous 18 and 19 y/os with ease    05/22/18  (5)
NXPI: risk-free oafish 3% spread    05/22/18  (82)
Why dont more people get art done on the sides of their cars, vans.Like real art    05/22/18  (17)
LOL at Hope Hicks $500k legal bills. Double LOL at Trump paying them    05/22/18  (20)
"Flynn was railroaded" forcememe is hilariously unhelpful to him    05/22/18  (18)
J shads renewed love for 144A is the plot twist of the decade    05/22/18  (1)
LOL AT WHITE WOMEN    05/22/18  (6)
the subtle eroticism of a gym shrew struggling to move a bench    05/22/18  (3)
pence looks like a golden god...trump may choose him just for his appearance    05/22/18  (4)
*pours coffee* *cracks knuckles* "Time to poast."    05/22/18  (7)
*WLMAS wakes up at 0900, pours coffee, logs into XO*    05/22/18  (12)
Wall Street Journal: China to cave and buy more American    05/22/18  (28)
"Tell me about The company culture" *pours Coffee in diaper*    05/22/18  (60)
How movie theater seats have evolved is an indictment of our society.    05/22/18  (33)
14 yr old Jennifer Lawrence drinking fresh moonshine from a Yuban coffee tin    05/22/18  (13)
Torts, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing Torts, huh, yeah    05/22/18  (1)
China offers to slash US trade deficit by $200 billion (link)    05/22/18  (9)
ggtp sprinting out of xo meetup at midnight before he turns back into an indian    05/22/18  (2)
New right wing hottie prospect    05/22/18  (13)
List of Asian Taunts Collected for Posterity (With help from JBD    05/22/18  (51)
How did Babar the Elephant get so fucking rich?    05/22/18  (17)
PSA: DON'T reach out to others irl. You WILL be scorned + mocked. Only XO unders    05/22/18  (38)
ive dated 35-40 irish girls. all believed in "fairies".    05/22/18  (2)
Anecdotes from an alpha aspie ADA.    05/22/18  (55)
Does anyone have a list of TOMMY TURDSKIN MONIKERS?    05/22/18  (146)
The Massive Puma Abrasion that dripped Blood    05/22/18  (3)
Lebron gets blown out game 1 and 2 blows out celts 3 and 4 easy money    05/22/18  (4)
krampus straight ripping vindaloo farts into overstuffed leather theater cushion    05/22/18  (1)

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